The human resource market is currently considered to be an extreme sellers’ market. The struggle to recruit new graduates for the spring of 2018 extends to the fashion industry, and the state of the industry having more job openings than applicants continues. One condition that is sought after is “communication skills.” From new graduates to regular employees and even to managers, no matter the job description, the trend of highly valuing communication skills is strengthening.

Communication is a facility all living organisms possess, but it is thought that by acquiring “words” – extremely high-precision tools for communication – humans became the reigning organisms on the surface of the Earth, and created their current prosperity.

For example, it was words that differentiated our ancestors from the Neanderthals. In fact, it is said that Neanderthals had a larger brain than current humans, and also had better physical capabilities. What they were lacking, however, was a developed voice box deep in their throat, and could therefore not share their experiences through words.

It is said that while each individual Neanderthal excelled in both knowledge and physical prowess, they were unable to delegate roles or cooperate when facing large prey, and thus lost in the battle for survival.

In other words, humans have survived through the development of their ability to project their voice – communication. Words are so familiar we hardly ever reflect on them, but they could be called the greatest weapon of all living organisms.

Is the trend of 21st century Japanese society seeking the skill of communication as a matter of course a degeneration? Or are we returning to our origins without even realizing it? In any case, there must be many modern people who feel they are lacking when it comes to communicating through words. We should all seek to cultivate a rich bed of words for ourselves, and consciously create a more bountiful world.