-Conscious Products and Sophisticated Materials for 2021 Spring/Summer

Japan’s textile firms are strengthening their presence in Europe and the United States with unique, environmentally-conscious, made-in-Japan products such as richly expressive natural fabrics and leathers, and elegantly thin synthetic fabrics and laces. Japan is gaining strength in the market through a combination of sophisticated designer expressions and the ability to respond quickly with stock on-hand.

The Koto region of Shiga Prefecture, Japan, has doubled-down on natural looks centred around linen for the 2021 Spring/Summer season. Upcoming products include wrinkle-resistant linen that creates a full, billowing silhouette through two-twine and twisted spinning methods, and ultra-fine, deplication-treated 100-twine cotton lawn by Mashi Shokai Co., Ltd.; fabrics woven from linen and hemp, hemp, and cuprammonium combinations featuring uneven “basket” dyeing by Shigaasa Co., Ltd.; and processed fabrics of linen, cotton and cuprammonium treated with techniques including salt-shrinking, mercerization and softening by Daicho Co. Ltd. In leather, Kyoto Leather Co., Ltd. is gaining attention with its cow leather, lamb leather, and crocodile marbled prints developed through a fusion of traditional techniques from Kyoto and Himeji, the centre of leather production.

Japan’s textile firms are offering materials with further improved texture and design, and environmentally-conscious products. The product line-up is richly diverse, including sustainable materials made from cuprammonium and recycled polyester and luxurious jacquards and prints by Uni Textile Co., Ltd.; Onibegie and AirDye, recycled polyester materials made using environmentally-conscious techniques by Debs Textile Corporation; and embroidery lace made from recycled polyester and mesh, and check fabrics made from organic cotton by Lily Lace International Co., Ltd.


Top: Linen surface-dyed check and chambray; middle: tumbler-processed yarn-dyed water-twisted fabric; bottom: high-weight twill fabric
Mashi Shokai Co., Ltd.


Fascinating salt-shrunken, “basket-dyed” linen fabric
Shigaasa Co., Ltd.


Left: Cuprammonium mercerization; middle: Omi-chijimi-woven ramie fabric; right: gradated yarn-dyed cotton fabric
Daicho Co., Ltd.


Attention-grabbing marble-printed lamb leather
Kyoto Leather Co., Ltd.


Chiffon-cut jacquard fabric with luxurious opal processing
Uni Textile Co., Ltd.


Cuprammonium with vintage-style processing
Debs Textile Corporation


Jacquard lace made from recycled polyester
Lily Lace International Co., Ltd.