Creating a brand from recycled items – From 2018, JEPLAN, INC., an environmental venture, will begin designing and making clothing using recycled polyester textiles. They have received design offers from over 20 companies and brands for their T-shirt pattern, developed by Theatre Products, which will be manufactured and sold.

JEPLAN, INC. has constructed a recycled polyester manufacturing plant in the city of Kitakyushu in Fukuoka Prefecture, and will commence trial operations from the 10th. Following this, in order to make it easier to gather the unwanted clothing which serves as their raw material, and raise awareness of recycling activities, JEPLAN, INC. has decided to jointly develop the 100% recycled polyester T-shirts it will produce together with other brands.

This is called the ‘T-shirt Project’. Two well-known brands, including Theatre Products, are responsible for the pattern of the T-shirts. They have received design offers from over 20 companies and designers who endorse this project, including Starbucks Coffee Company and TOMY Company, Ltd., and these will be printed as designs on the T-shirts.

The T-shirts are expected to be sold in limited-time stores, such as on the JEPLAN. INC. homepage, speciality stores and in knick-knack stores.

The T-shirt made from a pattern by Theatre Products