Sawada Co., Ltd. (Izumiotsu City, Osaka), a yarn and OEM company, has announced the release of Eco Cuwool, a Bemberg cuprammonium and wool combed knit yarn, for the Autumn/Winter season. Sawada has also announced ROUGH LIGHT, a yarn with a unique, fleecy lightness, made from the wool from the Chinese raccoon.

As awareness of sustainability continues to grow, Sawada will maintain the use of Bemberg cuprammonium in its Spring/Summer Eco Feel yarn. In addition to its smooth texture and superb coloration properties, Eco Cuwool yarn is also biodegradable. Eco Cuwool has anti-static, moisture absorption and release, and warming properties, and can be used as a shrink-resistant wool.

Sawada holds stock of Eco Cuwool in 48 twines and 48 colours, and the yarn can be used with seamless whole garment knitting machines. Sawada offers a rich line-up of yarns, including BEM QUEEN yarn made with lamé threads, in addition to Bemberg mixed yarns.

ROUGH LIGHT is a wool knit yarn made from 25% Chinese raccoon wool, 50% sheep’s wool, and 25% nylon. Chinese raccoon wool is a scarce, luxurious material similar to cashmere. It is composed of slender fibres, and air pockets form in the space between the fibres to grant the material a delicate lightness.

Sawada directly imports the raw Chinese raccoon wool, and spins it in Japan. Their primary yarn is a slender 20-twine yarn. The yarn has a soft touch and airy lightness, and a long-sleeved cardigan can be made with just 200 grams of the material, making its superb cost performance another selling point. The yarn can also be used in whole garment knitting machines. In addition to 10 basic colours, Sawada also offers six colours of two-twist, three-twist and spool-knitted yarn.

Eco Cuwool is ideal for a long period of the year, from early Autumn to early Spring