KOKKA launches fun printed fabrics made in Japan



Textile company KOKKA Co., Ltd. mainly produces original printed fabric and creates more than 500 designs every year. The company now plans to launch a variety of fun fabrics based on the theme Tokyo Kawaii.

In addition, it has prepared a line-up of Japanese-style patterns that are proving quite popular. All designs are printed on Japanese-produced fabrics and the company also offers a stock service.

The fabrics will be launched at the Première Vision exhibition in September and will be available to view on the company’s website following the exhibition.

Proposing 150 new made-in-Japan products



TOKO SHOJI CO., LTD is a Japanese textile converter characterised by its capabilities for multi-products and small lot production, as well as the ability to instantly deliver products.

It develops 150-200 newly designed products made from jersey materials every season, proposing these to its customers. This year, it has prepared another line-up of more than 150 items, all of them made from materials produced in Japan.

Trimmings manufacturer IRIS CO.,LTD. celebrates its 70th anniversary




The biggest Japanese manufacturer of accessories, with more than 20 different kinds of materials. Each factory throughout Japan makes the best use of their own

techniques. IRIS has factories in China and Southeast Asia, too.

Carrying stock of more than 20,000 items, the company provides customers with distinctive “no-minimum” services to meet demands even for small quantities.

Combining advanced techniques and traditional Japanese artisan workmanship with combinations of different materials, IRIS will present a variety of trimmings both for men’s and women’s categories.

Beautiful Japanese textiles



Double-sided silk and cashmere, a rare diamond in the rough


Cashmere and hemp, wool and silk, silk and cashmere: these are among some of the double-sided textiles TAMURAKOMA & CO., LTD. boldly introduced at Première Vision Paris, under its booth “PREMIUM LINEN BY TAMURAKOMA” (Stand No. 6H22) in the Suiting Area. It has also enhanced its line-up of double weave fabric made with cashmere and silk.

Although its booth is named “PREMIUM LINEN BY TAMURAKOMA,” its product offerings don’t stop at linen. Fabrics based on linen, such as linen/cashmere and linen/wool blends, make up approximately 40% of its entire line-up at this autumn exhibition. Other than these, it also offers many combinations that make use of luxurious materials, including Double-faced fabrics of cashmere/hemp and silk/cashmere.

Other interesting combinations of colours and patterns include a fabric combining Glen check with plain, unpatterned cashmere, as well as an iridescent fabric with purple checked patterns with its reverse side changing expression under different lighting.



Double-sided wool and silk fabric that the company is introducing at this event


Since its first exhibition in autumn 2011, TAMURAKOMA & CO., LTD. has continued to participate in PV Paris twice a year. Why does the company choose to exhibit its wares at PV?

Section Manager Manabu Nishimoto, says,”There are many artisans in the textile manufacturing regions in Japan who are able to create beautiful textiles. We want to show the world all of the wonderful textiles these artisans create.”
Four years have passed since its first exhibition. During that period, the company has witnessed a steady increase in its number of customers, including luxury brands from Europe and tailors from the United Kingdom.

“Continuing to participate in the exhibition inspires trust and confidence from our customers. There are visitors at every exhibition who look forward to seeing the beautiful Japanese textiles that we offer,” comments Nishimoto on visitors’ responses. The company sells its products in France and Italy through agents.