Japanese manufacturers of fashion accessories are demonstrating greater motivation toward exporting their products to Europe and the United States. Using their participation at Première Vision Accessories (P.V.A.) as their base, these companies are showcasing the uniqueness and safety of their products, which is ensured using design processes that harness both Japanese artisanal techniques and advanced technology. At the same time they are also gradually expanding their businesses while maintaining a global outlook.

Kiyohara & Co., Ltd. will exhibit at P.V.A. for the first time in September. While the company has been strengthening its domestic sales in China, business inquiries from Europe and the United States have been increasing in recent years. It decided to exhibit at P.V.A. in light of the fact that these regions could become a new pillar of the business.

The company proposes textile products such as lining and interlining with proprietary functionalities, as well as fashion accessories with uniquely Japanese designs. In addition to “Made in Japan” products, the company will soon be establishing a subsidiary in Vietnam. Through the subsidiary, it will make the appeal for Japan’s pre-eminence through a procurement system that includes a “Made by Japan” feature.



SHINDO Co., Ltd.


SHINDO Co., Ltd. has drawn a great response at each P.V.A. exhibition. The total number of visitors to its booth was one of the top figures among the participating manufacturers, and it is successively strengthening its efforts to work with influential fashion houses and global brands. In July, the company revised its comprehensive sample catalogue, SIC, for the first time in five years.

The contents of the catalogue have undergone a transformation that makes it easier to use, and which support creativity. The company has also developed new products with potential functions for the future, and offers more than 40,000 products that are constantly in stock.

SHIMADA SHOJI CO., LTD. has continued to exhibit at P.V.A. and the ISPO for many years, and is expanding its initiatives with influential European and American brands while working together with bases in New York, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia.

In response to growing interest in high-quality fashion accessories developed using technologies from local production sites in Japan, the company has also introduced a system that enables samples to be produced anywhere and at speed using 3D printers and other equipment, and is further expanding sales.

MORITO CO., LTD. acquired the American company Scovill Fasteners last year and began manufacturing Scovill products in Japan, in addition to production in the United States. It also commenced cooperative initiatives with the Italian company BAP. The company is exhibiting at Outdoor Retailer in the United States in August, bringing together a line-up of products developed through the collective strength of MORITO, Scovill and BAP. Going forward it will focus on expanding sales and exhibiting in Europe.