The development of digital technology has brought changes to mannequins. As advances in AI and robotics continue, it may not be long before we see mannequins that are capable of conversing and moving like humans. Japanese manufacturers have created doll mannequins that mark the first step in the development of such futuristic mannequins.



Mannequins that detect human motion



NANASAI Co., Ltd. launched the interactive mannequin, IMP, which can detect the motion of nearby people. There are different types of IMP mannequins, including one that can mirror a person’s face by capturing an image of it on a camera and showing it on its face, and another that is equipped with a small projector, which can project video images on the surface of the mannequin.

NANASAI is exploring the possibility of using IMP as a “next generation mannequin” that can be used in sales spaces and shops. In fact, a major department store in Tokyo has already tried using the mannequin on a limited sales floor area as a promotional tool, indicating that there is interest from industry.



Posing Mannequins



Yoshichu Mannequin Co., Ltd launched QLOGO, a posing mannequin created using advanced robot technologies, in the United States and Japan in 2014. One of the world’s most advanced motors, developed by a Japanese manufacturer, is mounted on this mannequin so that its neck, shoulders and elbows can move in a supple way without making any noise.


While the movement of the upper and lower bodies of the prototype of QLOGO, introduced a year ago, were not linked to each other, in the updated version, which first appeared in June, the whole body is now connected and moves smoothly. The updated QLOGO has a total of nine motors mounted in it to control the movement of the whole body in an integrated manner, so that it can move in accordance with pre-set programs.


Mannequins not only have eye-catching figures with their beauty and strength, but are also beginning to evolve to have the capacity to communicate with human beings. In the near future, we are sure to see “real mannequins” that are able to work on sales floors just like a human being.