Held in High Regard for Its Consistent Quality and Finely Detailed Expression

Howa Denim Tech, LLC.

Howa Denim Tech LLC., the wash finishing plant in Los Angeles, USA, is a US subsidiary of Howa Corporation (Kurashiki, Okayama Prefecture; President Toyoo Tashiro), a major wash finishing firm based in Kojima, Okayama Prefecture, where much of Japan’s jeans production is concentrated. It is held in high esteem by premium jeans manufacturers as a top-class finishing plant in the Los Angeles area due to Japan-standard quality control and technology.

Responding to demanding client needs with cutting-edge equipment and original processing technologies

Howa Denim Tech LLC., was launched in 2012 by Howa Corporation, which had acquired it from another Japanese companyIts equipment was changed in order to enable it to produce products that meet the same high quality standards demanded in Japan by introducing laser processing, ozone decolourisation and other cutting-edge techniques one after another, as well as the same wash finishing machines and dyeing machines as those used at the head office plant in Kojima, Okayama. The number of laser processing machines has now been increased to three, and the wash finishing machines have been replaced by the latest available.

The research and development department that takes advantage of these up-to-date facilities is also one of the strengths of Howa Denim Tech LLC.

While developing a wide variety of processing technology including whiskering by craftsmen, heat pressing, resin treatment, and laser processing, it faithfully achieves vintage textures that also respond to the severe demands of clients.

It can also play an OEM role with the garment factory that it owns in an adjacent lot. The consistency of the quality of its products have gained high esteem, and its clients have spread beyond the jeans manufacturers on the West Coast to apparel manufacturers in New York.

Progress in its efforts to protect the environment

Ecofriendly technology is another attractive feature of Howa Denim-Tech. “Air Wash” is a technology that uses the powerful oxidisation property of ozone for bleaching with its own patented ozone bleaching equipment.

Unlike conventional bleaching, water and chemicals are hardly used at all, and the ozone that has finished bleaching returns to ordinary oxygen in the atmosphere, so there is no burden on the environment.

The laser processing equipment also has a small environmental footprint, and is a safe process that takes the health of the workers into account.

By searing the surface of the cloth with laser beams, the colour of the area exposed to the laser beam is faded, expressing different shades. Complicated patterns such as illustrations, photo images, camouflage, and the like can be superimposed at will. It is an innovative technology that protects the health of the workers, since no water is discharged, and no dust emitted.

Water use was reduced by more than 30% by introducing the latest washing machines. It states that this has also enabled it to “reduce the use of chemicals, electricity, gas, everything.” Another reason for the support that Howa Denim Tech LLC., is garnering must be its high awareness of environmental protection measures.



Wet-Dye Laundry Process


To meet the demands of the fast-paced fashion industry, Denim-Tech is equipped with the most advanced processing machineries available today.

Denim-Tech searches around the world for the latest technology to be on the cutting edge. They also take great pride in maintaining their facility in an impeccably clean and organized manner.