In the “Second Corporate Attractiveness Survey” carried out by the Dentsu PR & Corporate Communication Strategic Studies Institute, “Hiring systems & working style reform” were the undisputed top subjects respondents indicated as “societal issues I would like corporations to proactively work on,” garnering 47.3% of the responses. Ranking second was “Pension, healthcare, nursing care & welfare” (22.6%) and third was “technological innovation” (21.4%).

A difference in perception was also seen when viewing the results by gender or age. One topic that differed greatly by gender was “Technological innovation.” It was indicated by 29% of male respondents, but only 13.8% of female respondents. Furthermore, while 23.3% of women indicated “Promoting the engagement of women,” the number of male respondents was a mere 8.1%. Women also displayed high interest in “Childcare & low childbirth countermeasures” and “Pension, healthcare, nursing care & welfare.”

When viewing the results by age, the percentage of respondents indicating “Hiring systems & working style reforms” grew higher at lower ages. In particular, the topic was indicated by over half of respondents in their late 20s, confirming their high interest in working styles. In comparison, as the age of respondents increased, the percentage of responses also grew for “Global warming countermeasures,” “Increasing global competitiveness,” and “Solutions for energy issues.”

■ Corporate Attractiveness Survey: Surveys 5000 men and 5000 women between the ages of 20 and 60.