Frédéric de Narp, Chief Executive Officer of Bally

What I learned about the attitude for creating new things in a team in Japanese society

“I want to highly value ‘co-creation’ that unites music, art, and other elements for the manufacturing that Bally has cultivated that does not compromise on quality.

Bally’s various projects with artists have been popular, so it is “approaching the Millennial generation and customers with the same mindset through collaboration.” This year it was acquired by the Shandong Ruyi Group of China, which was “good timing for creating the future growth strategy.”

Kazumi Kiyose, Division Manager TOSHIN DEVELOPMENT CO,.LTD.

I want to create sales locations with a high hit rate

A new building opened at the end of September at the Nihonbashi Takashimaya Shopping Center in Tokyo. It had a superb start and “the fashion is doing well.” It was the result of responding to the voices of women in their late 30s to those over 40 of “I want to shop in a store that has a high hit rate.” Although there are many buildings that have decreased the distribution ratio of clothing recently, “We still have a future in fashion, so I think, ‘Don’t say we gave up from the beginning!’”

Shuji Tanaka, CEO of OWNDAYS Group

Because there is a need for glasses even with a decreasing workforce

Tanaka says, “The glasses market is in a bubble.” He manages about 270 glasses stores in and outside Japan, which are currently experiencing growth with a 25% (15 billion yen) year-on-year increase in sales in the second period of 2018. The glasses market’s performance is boosted by the declining eyesight of Japan’s “junior baby boomers” born in the 1970s and children, a lack of entry of new businesses, and because ecommerce sites cannot replace it. Although the majority of stores overseas were “put out as a last resort,” stores are quickly being created in urban areas in Japan.

Naoshi Sawayanagi, Creative Director of Syncs.Design

Becoming a bridge between Japan and China

Although he is known for Naoshi Sawayanagi, he is expanding his collaborations with various companies and making trips to China. He says, “While testing various markets, I am trying out business models that are different from ones in Japan,” and he participated in Shanghai Fashion Week. China is actively attracting investment and offers cutting-edge machines on the manufacturing front. “The speed is overwhelming. Being there is exciting.” He says he will bring some of the products created through collaboration to China going forward.

Naoko Koude, Director of Pheeta, United Arrows

I want to create standards that can be passed down to the next generation

She was Director of Another Edition. However, “When the decision was made to end it, I thought about what is needed to make a brand last a long time.” She realised, “Brands are strong when they have a close connection to the manufacturing location and have representative items.” She raised her awareness of the manufacturing at a lace factory in India for the new brand, and says, “I want to cultivate a brand that will take charge of one corner of the diversity of the clothing stores of United Arrows.”