It was announced that Phoebe Philo departed Celine and Hedi Slimane would create a reinvented Celine for the spring/summer 2019 collection. Although I knew about it, it was a shock that it seemed that the Celine until now had completely disappeared.

Thinking about it again, it can be said that Phoebe created items modelled on the real clothes of adult women today. For coats, she created chesterfield coats with a large silhouette and collarless V-necks. Many items can be raised as examples, such as pullovers with side slits and long backs and items that produce powerful volume through looped belts. Many women unconsciously wear such items.

Every morning on the same subway train, there is a woman who decides to wear Celine from head to toe. She pretends not to notice my staring (but she probably notices). It’s amazing that she’s bought Celine items down to the shoes, bag, and accessories. Celine’s virtues lie in such neat, intellectual women who don’t stand out unless you’re in the know. I’m laughing bitterly because I’m sure I look jealous when I see her. I feel compelled to ask her about this. What will happen from now on?