Japan’s largest fashion e-commerce site, Zozo, has opened “Zozo,” a Chinese version of the Zozotown website. It will initially feature 177 shops with plans to steadily add to its lineup. The Chinese version of Zozo will have stronger media functions and spread information about coordinates and Japanese fashion culture.

The site will be managed by Chinese corporation Shanghai ZOZO Co., Ltd. (Shanghai Zozo, managed by Yan Shengri), established last February. It will support shops with media editing and translation, fulfillment of deliveries and customs clearance from Japan to China, and provide customer support. Products will be shipped from Zozo’s warehouse in Japan to China. Zozotown shops will be able develop sales channels in China at no additional cost.

The site’s media function delivers information such as user posts on coordinates, trendy shop news, and tips on how to wear fashions through the coordinates app, “Wear,” which in turn generates sales.

The site will include shops such as Adama et Rope, Ciaopanic, and LHP. In its previous foray, Zozo established an e-commerce site in China in the fall of 2011 and closed it in 2013.