Fabric manufacturer Uni Textile Co., Ltd. has been carrying out an in-house clothes purchasing campaign since autumn of last year. Employees who purchase articles of clothing made using the company’s fabrics can have a portion of their purchases subsidised. The goals of this programme are to contribute to market growth by encouraging clothing purchases and to inspire further product development by having employees wear clothes made from their company’s products.


Starting from October of last year, the programme divides each year into four three-month long seasons. Employees are encouraged to purchase one or more articles of clothing per season. When an employee buys a piece of clothing that is at least approximately 50 percent comprised of Uni Textile fabrics, they become eligible to apply for a subsidy from the company of 20,000 yen per season. Each employee can receive up to 80,000 yen per year through this system.

Although the vast majority of the company’s projects focus on womenswear, its fabrics are also used in some menswear collections, and male employees may also participate in the scheme by using company fabrics for the creation of tailor-made outfits. As of the end of September, the Uni Textile group employed a total of approximately 220 people.

While the campaign is significant for the way in which it allows the company to help energise the fashion industry on which it depends, “more than that,” says Uni Textile Co., Ltd. President Ryoichi Uni, “it brings each employee into contact with the materials that they themselves sell. I hope that having employees wear these clothes will lead to product development in the future.”